Felicity Smoak❤️❤️❤️

Date: 1/17/2017

By sharkey161

I was sam from supernatural and dean was with me, we went to some place for hunters, and felicity smoak was there (the girl from arrow) and she was acting all weird around me, but when it was night time she started to be all flirt tatious and felicity is like my ultimate crush, but it didn't seam right. I kept on kissing her anyway, it was the best thing ever. I called dean up and he said that there must be something wrong, so i took her to dean who was in a tree house he said that she was possessed with some kind of demon, so we took her down stories and sound three other people that were also possessed, we were told they were special types of demons that were made only for love, but when they were caught they only wanted to escape so i held felicity close to me, and tried to keep kissing her because i was convinced the real felicity loved me as much as i loved her, but she refused, we were told that we that had to wait out the demons till day time or we had to scare them out of the real people. So we decided to take them to a haunted house, which was not scary. Then when felicity's demon was leaving, and she gave me the awkward look she had before she was possessed, i woke up. Im a 16 year old girl, I'm pretty sure that i am like lesbian. But honest to god i felt true love with felicity at least for the time i was holding her and when we were making out.