Horrific dream of the reality of factory farms

Date: 7/28/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

Had a horrible dream about watching baby animals being shot in the head and then being hung upside down and having there throats slit. Blood poured out like a waterfall. The animals screamed and screamed but were all killed. Fucking can't describe how horrible it was. Then I had a dream about pigs being kicked and abused and then shot. Then a slaughterhouse worker was playing a game where he would hide In a bathroom stall and make baby Pigs and cows and chickens come to him, then they would walk under the stall door and he would shoot them in the head, killing them. When I woke up I realized that the situation is actually worse in real life. The sad reality is that this happens every day in real life. And nobody realizes these poor animals feel pain and suffering and don't want to die😭. Imagine having a nightmare where there is the most brutal torture and killing happening and then waking up and realizing that it is actually real. If you don't make the connection, imagine dogs there instead of pigs. And pigs are smarter than dogs! Go Vegan