reunion with old friends

Date: 1/4/2020

By rembrandt

i was at smash in the big yard, with tori near the handball courts. i played chinese handball against someone. then tori went up to the basketball courts and tried to start playing hockey with some other kids there. then some white lady from the sidewalk above started yelling at her for getting involved, saying she was out of place. i was so angry. i yelled back at her to shut the fuck up go away. tori belongs here she goes to this school. the lady was shocked i yelled at her and ran away. then we left. we went back to the lunch tables. it was a reunion or something. we gathered around a table near the back and read all of the engravings people left on the table from different years. it’s funny because there was one that said aaron was looking for a date in 2013. i asked if some of these tables were new because i remembered i had written something somewhere and couldn’t find it. yes, someone replied. then it was time to eat. there was a big buffet waiting for us all in the front tables. we all started taking food and sitting down with our friends. i talked to jacob a little bit. then i woke up bc my earrings were hurting.