Zorn and Emily Crash my Apartment with Bugs

Date: 5/15/2017

By ghostkitten_

I started off walking around my neighbourhood on a beautiful sunny morning, looking for a place to read. I end up at an idealized version of the park on Cartier, with benches closer together and the sun shining on them. I read for a bit, also watching the people, dogs and birds. A pair of teen dilinquints swarm my bench and personal space.I have a knife in my bag and half threaten them by telling them so. i go home. another day passes, and they return to my bench. i go home again. I have a feeling that they have followed me home before, and have replicated my keys. As I enter my home, I feel them getting ready to enter. I frantically jump in the elevator and go up. However, I get stuck for some reason and have to come back down. The next time I go up, I can't find find my apartment key, and kneel down to check my bag. As I'm looking, I pick up a preciosly spotted beautiful, smooth Turqouise stone just smaller than my hand and put it in my wallet. I've been searching so long that the elevator goes down to pick up another passenger while I do this. He makes me put in his number but he has a thick East Indian accent and slurs his words, so I push the 4 and 10 before his 14. Arriving on my floor, I then temporarily forget if I'm 302 or 304 (in reality I am 204). I stick a quarter in the key slot and hear loud music from inside. I knock, to no avail. "Guys!" I shout to my unwanted visitors. Nothing. I pull the quarter out with my nails and stick the key in. I enter, and they are frozen in tableau on my bed. There are candles and a beautiful food arrangement displayed all over the room. "I made you a cheese sandwich," Emily says, stepping off the bed and onto the cheese sandwich then onto the floor. "I just mopped yesterday." She shrugs. They dramatically gesture towards a huge fluffy centipede on my wall. They introduce another giant bug and watch them as the predator climbs to meet its prey, narrating their process as they do. Unable to stomach watching the situation, I leave to the living room. Looking out the window, I see a giant meateating spider on a car roof. I glance back in and there is one on my black table. I freeze, then scream a small forced scream to urge them to come in. They do not come. The spider lowers himself to the ground, curls up in a ball, then begins to play pinball on the table legs, then all legs and all floor touching options in the room.