Rainy Day

Date: 5/22/2019

By atharva117

Dream: I was on a trip to Kenya with my parents and my aunt. We were sitting inside a jeep, and were driven somewhere. There were people from abroad there too, and it was fun. The driver talked how the floods can be held back if people just push the vehicles on from behind. I found that as ridiculous. So, we went into the jungle and it was fun. We saw a lot of baboons, and suddenly an Emu was running with our vehicle. (Emu - it was four legged, and had different face. It wasn't an Emu that we know, it was termed as Emu in my dream) The driver said, that this is the fastest Emu he had seen, and the Emu was tagging along with us, maybe trying to tell us something. We were wondering about the types of trees around. I found that most trees were kinda like how it's in our jungles, but then some were different. Brain sends a signal that it's summer and it would rain heavily It started raining and it was heavy. We saw some flood coming from forward, and then ridiculously (but I believed it wholeheartedly), we were pushing the vehicle to save others. I wanted to save my mother. Warp. I was prepping for my US move, and I had decided that we would remitt (or some I called it, basically I wanted to order dollars from Indian Government) the dollars that can be bought out of all the family savings. I was filling the form. There were some complications with neighbours of my uncle. (It looks weird chaotic from here) Suddenly, I was working in some office, and perhaps this was my university and this was my class, maybe? It went on for a while. There were surely pretty girls (but I can't recall their faces). I remember going to Churchgate to buy something, and then I wanted to go back to my college (actually, old college, not the new university I am planning to attend) in Andheri. There were no bus, I was standing at new bus stop, and there were complications related to - "the bus stop can be moved", "the ticket guy will move with bus stop", "there is no place in Churchgate, as there was construction". Well, I was in an aircraft now, not bus. My office peeps were there, and they were happy to see me. I recall that my college classmates were there as well. It went on for a while, and I think some accident happened. I was given some treatment, and then I woke up through that as well. They were all happy to see me. ==End of Dream==