Riding from the cops

Date: 7/11/2019

By haziel00

So the dream starts off post motorcycle crash and as I’m flying off my bike I bust out this purse-lookin thing that transforms into an off road cart. My friends get up (Rebecca, Adrian, Rebecca’s sister, some other dude) And all get on heir bikes riding away from what I realize was the cops. We’re in the desert leaving dust everywhere and soon ride in so far we decided to hide at a trailer warehouse for all the 18 wheeler trailers. We hide above, below and all over as we try and hide from the cops. One guy especially was hinting us down super hard and he was the main guy that we tried to stay away from. Eventually the trailer park staff was a aware of the cops and started looking for us. We tried hiding a little longer and eventually decided it was a good idea to hide inside of one of the trailers. As we were all behind one ready to hide inside, the hinges screeched whilst opening the flat metal doors. It had made too much noise, the staff and police noticed. We realized we had no choice but to keep running. Our bikes were done so we decided to literally run.The other dude I can’t put a face on and I split apart from Adrian, Rebecca and her sister to only find them later at the an abandoned house which we reached for shelter as well. I walked into this hallway of bested down wood and everything was aged. I reached the room where they were all in and on the door was a fat cockroach. I saw Adrian and Rebecca flirting and hugging beside the bed. What was weird is Rebecca was still wearing her helmet. A all matte black motocross helmet with a blue-green visor. Rebecca’s sister and I then started arguing about something but I don’t remember. I then smacked Rebecca’s helmet and walked away like I had something to do.