Not a Dream. Waking Image

Date: 5/6/2019

By jaysun

I was a blinking pixel moving around in this black space, free flowing. Similar to an internet game, I was moving from level to level by moving myself from the start position to the exit door. I was rapidly progressing. I found myself on this level with start position to the north and exit door to the left - simple. I moved towards the exit door but missed it. Upon realizing that I missed it, a heightened awareness clicked into me and my free flowing stopped - I had to lucidly move my pixel. It was extremely difficult, my head felt extremely tight and I could feel myself slowly losing feeling of my actual limbs. I quickly tried to move towards the exit but the preciseness needed I could not conjure. I tried to focus my breathing but also felt against the fear of losing myself to the game. I pulled myself out. All of this happened in less than 5 seconds in actual time.