Boy and Girl - reaccuring dream that stopped when i turned 18

Date: 6/9/2019

By xxnaomixx

i had this one reaaccuring dream every night since i was 7; till i turned eighteen. I would go down to the basement and through a hidden door and go into this world where these two kids would meet me. Funny enough; theyd age with me. When i was 7 ; they where 7. When i was 18; so where they. I miss them. I never remembered their names but my therapist said it was my mmind making friends and protecting me. The girl was tall for her age; a ginger with striking green eyes and freckles. She always wore overalls. The boy had brown hair; no freckles but he had a gap in his front teeth till he was 16. I miss them. I havent had the dream since i turned eighteen. We would go on missions to save the town they where in and so many of the towns folk where my friends. I hope their ok. Does anyone have any ideas why it stopped? I miss them. I miss my friends