Taking a map from a farmhouse

Date: 4/3/2019

By xCaligo

The first part of this dream I was staring at this cup that had nightcrawlers in it. It was kind of see through but reminded me of one of those white foam cups. Some of the worms were poking there heads through but I don’t remember much more. They may have been sitting on a wooden picnic table. The next part, I was walking around the inside of this fenced in farm house. The fences were really high and topped with barbed wire, and looked kind of prison like, with a little rustic touch to them. The ground was just dirt with a few patches of grass here and there. there were various farm animals walking around the house, probably what the fence was for, although I have no idea why it need to be that high. In this pig sty looking thing I pulled out a really dusty looking old map, that I guess was made of cloth. As soon as I touched it this stereotypical farmer walked out of the front door and slowly walked his way toward me and so I booked it out of there. Even so he just kept the same pace the entire time at a creeping pace. He ended up opening a gate and started to do a walk around the perimeter of the fence, and so vaulted over a section of fence that was on the opposite side.