7/11 (vivid/morbid.)

Date: 3/14/2017

By ellakiins

so i accidentally hit cancel on this entry RIGHT when i was about to submit this, so i'm going to skim this and edit it later. the dream stars off at a 7/11-sequence corner store with a few female friends of mine. we were checking out when we saw the people in front of us in the line were having some sort of conflict. "ma'am we can't let you outside." the front clerk informs the female customer (side note - everyone in the store was a female.) "please let me go. i have to be somewhere." she insists. the front clerk was trying to tell her that there were 4 ominous looking teenagers outside that posed some sort of danger and she did not trust that. the customer still proceeded to try to convince the clerk to let her go. "look. i'm either going to make it wherever i have to be, or i won't. either way you will have reason to call for help or not. please just let me go." she pleaded one last time before he clerk finally unlocked the doors. the lady walked outside and tried to walk by the teenagers. everyone in the store watched as she was stopped, interacted with them and then was physically harmed by 1/4 of them. they all closed in on her and proceeded to beat her while she was on the ground. finally, one boy got on top of her, pinned her down and slammed the end of a spiked baseball bat on her face. her body squirmed a little bit, then suddenly no movement. "LOCK THE DOORS, CALL THE COPS NOW!" i screamed as i hit the deck, and by that i mean hide immediately behind the aisles farthest from the front door. the boys began to close in on us to the point where we could see their delinquent faces. they all had unsettling smirks on their faces, trying to look at all of us. i began to call the police, then my father. afterwards i proceeded to get on snapchat. "to anyone whose watching this - listen to me. you will not hear from me again. and i mean it this time." (ive had a history of trying to take my own life. moving on) "i'm at [7/11 location in Texas] and i'm with a bunch of other unfortunate females who won't make it out" *next snapchat* "so to everyone i love, i love you always" *next snapchat* "to everyone im on bad terms with, i'm sorry. i love you always" *next snapchat* "to everyone i never got a chance to meet, ill see you in another life. i love you all." *next snapchat* "thank you everyone i've ever crossed paths with. you've made my life and i'll never forget any one of you. goodbye." i turned my phone off and laid down in a fetal position. i closed my eyes for a couple minutes and managed tuned out the screams, the cries and the heavy breathing. a few minutes pass, i wake up to shots being fired from outside, but it wasn't from the boys, it was the SWAT team. we all covered our ears from how loud the bullets were. then all of a sudden it was quiet, we unconverted our ears and heard a man outside with a megaphone say, "come out when you're ready. it's safe now" we all looked at each other, traumatized and vulnerable. "come on." i said as i helped prop each person in the store including the clerks up and able to get back on their toes. we all walked out as a group and the sun was rising (appeared to be dawn). everyone reunited with their loved ones. i had no idea where my dad, the only person i contacted besides the police, was at. i continued walking towards a cop who had open arms for me and realized i had nobody there for me, until he was pushed aside and i heard a voice yell "move!" there was my dad, with arms even wider for me. i pulled out my phone and had to record this moment. i ran up to him and hugged the hell out of him and didn't let go. "i can't believe you made it. i can't believe you're still here." he tells me, choked up and ecstatic. "thank you for always being there for me.. always" my dad does not live with me. he lives 7 states away (in real life and in the dream). #familyovereveryone