Weed death

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

My friend Will had bought some weed from someone. I can't remember what he did to make them so mad, but he and I went back another day for him to like, do some graffiti on their walls or something, and while we were there we could hear people in the house that was there and behind the fence he was drawing on so we just started running away. While we were running we passed a small intersection and a car there was going to turn right, but turned left to follow us because we looked suspicious I guess, running you know. And the people in the car were some of those in that group of people he got the stuff from, so they came after us. And we ran to the school. Then those people got there and started shooting around. Everyone was sitting down in the hallways like we do for a tornado drill or something. I was next to Mr. Rodgers and Mrs. Snyder (my Principal and VP in high school). Then the mean guys made everyone line up to be shot and killed basically. I didn't see Will again, but Anna, Leslie, and Saren's mom were all in the same group as me and we tried to slip out of the school to get away but when we opened the door there were already those people shooting kids. So we just had to wait our turn. The person who was shooting us was some girl and she made us line up in groups of three and she shot us. She destroyed the body. Like, there were no bodies except for one. Anyways she shot everyone but me, Anna, Leslie, and someone else and she yelled at us to get up there and then I just opened my eyes and I woke up.. and I just started crying because it felt so real. I was seriously afraid I was going to die and there was no way I could've gotten out.