Vague Angel, Dragon and India

Date: 5/15/2017

By LionFoot65

I think my third eye was keeping me awake until 2am last night and I thought my mind was gonna be awake while my body was asleep most of the night. I remember seeing a lot of visuals before I went to sleep but the that stood out to me the most was this beautiful sapphire-blue-feather-scaled dragon 🐉 with aesthetic gold plates next to it's ears and neck. After that, I went to sleep and I vaguely remember that I dreaming about being an angel and being able to choose my wings. After that, I was a traveler who went to India and met this man who I was kind to and who in turn helped me somehow. After that, I had a dream about being in school and with my dad at one point and then there were also these times when students were told to sexually pleasure each other in certain ways which I thought was weird lol.