Miranda Cosgrove and a Runaway

Date: 6/15/2019

By ragdoll17

I dreamt that I was living this angsty, yet also secret-agent-like, runaway life with the cast of the movie Book Smart. At one point, I think I became one of the characters and I had to pretend to be like her as if I had an identity-change. And then all of a sudden, I start singing a sad ballad about going home to my parents and wondering if they’d “forgive me,” and I can’t remember the exact lyrics I sang, but I just remember coming up with them on the spot and then suddenly appearing on a bed with floral bedsheets, resting my head dramatically after finishing my last note. It was straight out of a drama/musical. Also, at one point, I recall watching some sort of commercial where Miranda Cosgrove was dancing with multiple women—like salsa dancing, possibly—and then they’d mix some making out within their routine and I remember **thinking** to myself in my dream something like “Oh, yeah. She’s a lesbian now. I think she seems happier with women. Good for her for realizing it.” The commercial she was in was an advertisement for some sort of alcohol—probably Dos Equis or something like that.