weird new people

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So my fam was over at this family's house because my dad met the dad and they hit it off and they had four girls and we were walking through their house and it like kind of looking like mommoms when it was pink? And it had the same layout as mommoms but like not now that I'm thinking about it that's wrong. But in the dream it was the same. But I walked into the kitchen and it was GORGEOUS. High ceilings, you had to walk through a deep dark wooden door with cook black metal on it and inside was a big kitchen table and antique benches and chairs lined the walls and the cabinets were also dark and on one of the benches against the wall with big windows behind it was a lot of art work and I was looking at it and then the girls came over, there was an older kinda prissy one, there was one my age who was kinda tomboyish cool and looked like Selena Gomez, and then the youngest had braces and was gryphon's age and she was the one who was artsy. The oldest one was like "oh we do everything except film making between the three of us" so I talked to them about knitting and cross stitching which they had done. And then I woke up. Then I went back to sleep and had a dream we were at my house and we were having a large party and there was like a mansion Indian style palace thing next door and I was kind of involved in a game with that and Kirsten was talking about the game and asking me how it was going but it was different since the last time she did it. I was doing it with izzy and we ran into this palace and accidentally disturbed these butterflies inside and there were SO many like thousands and when they came out side they turned to paper and I grabbed a few and they had clues on them they I guess we were supposed to follow. But I didn't think we had enough so I went inside to check the trash can to see if anyone has thrown them away. So in the middle bathroom trash can there was my knitting yarn and two knitting needles! So I stomped out and my mom said she didn't do it so I went out side to tell my dad how bad this was and he was USING MY YARN TO MAKE A LINE IN THE YARD. So I started yelling and he didn't think it was a big deal and I was telling him I paid for it and I need it and we have used sticks to separate the yard in the past we didn't need to use MY yarn. Then I woke up