BUSMS dream #19

Date: 2/2/2019

By maziz96

In a church, I was helping a disabled child walk in part of a Mass and we sat down to the right with other people. The child at one point moved away to the front and was asked how did he move. I saw DU (not in BUSMS), and sort of formed an affection For the second part of Mass (Eucharist), it was in a computer room where apparently an exam about this part took place, there was even a confession room at the front of the entrance. My BUSMS friends were even there taking it as well (LW, HH, JH, and others). At one point, I took a picture for them, but felt a bit sad because I didn’t take part. We then walked to a cinema at night for something special as well and I played at the arcade on a Mario Kart game.