Seasonal Fish Raining

Date: 5/2/2017

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Last night I had a dream where I think a bunch of people from my school and I were on some weird excursion, possibly in another country. We were walking along this large path, and suddenly a worker-person came over and told us all to sit down. He explained there was currently a power-outage within the city. (I don't understand how this affected us at all, since we were outside, during the day). Then he said something that was rather odd. He exclaimed that it was almost time for the 'seasonal fish raining'. Next thing we all know, he yells at us to close our eyes and catch fish, and suddenly very large fish are falling out of the sky. We close our eyes and hold our hands out, giant fish landing on our heads every so often. When the fish raining seems to stop, he tells us to open our eyes, and we do, now seeing that most of us are now holding fish, and the city is a mess. After that, my dream seemed to abruptly stop, without any explanation of what the fxck just happened.