Magical bunnies

Date: 2/11/2017

By bluefox247

There were these bunnies that I discovered when I went into this old broken down house or something?? And I think they were magical and I think I was magical too. Anyway, we entered into a skiing race and the bunnies shape shifted into children. I was on the run from someone though. So it was night time and the ski slopes were fancy, decorated with Christmas lights and banners and also crowds of people. My bunnies were racing with me but they had shape shifted into children. So we win the race and I had to ski far away from there, to get away from someone, and my bunnies followed me. But then this guy from the crowd starts chasing me, thinking I'm kidnapping the children. And this goes on for a while until we are in a very secluded area. We lose the guy but for some reason later I go back to where he lives and there is a pink blanket outside his little cabin in the middle of nowhere. He opens his door and I show him that the children are actually bunnies and he sighs and is like "oh" and let's us sleep in the blanket outside. And I remember getting a crush on the guy after that.