riots , double dating and choices

Date: 7/27/2017

By 1sana123

when i am back from work my friend linda set me up on double date for movie . He is mordern looking man .he picked me from my home .Linda and her date were geting late so they left ..i need to clear my bag its too heavy , my date is desperately waiting for me.I am really happy that i got some time with him all alone . we left my place .there are riots on street people are screaming name .i assumed that ,may be Linda was also struck on road due to traffic and riots . Eventually i have to leave my date ,and go for shopping with my mom .i am struck at a shop i saw nightwear which is maroon satin with black lace on neck .whereas my mom in chosing night wear which has white and blue colour stripes, cotton cloth ( i felt it outdated). but in the end i have to purchase what my mom choses.