Multiple dreams

Date: 4/14/2017

By TwentieToo

I was in a library with a few other people. The library was like a set of bleachers, and the books were beneath the seats. The bleachers or stairs or whatever were made out of wood. We started playing this game where we chipped a piece and then hid or something, I don't remember. Had this other dream where I was sorting donated clothes with friends in a gym. I remember all the clothes I got were mostly overweight men's clothes. And I kept getting speedos and short shorts and weird stuff like that. I got a lot of jackets with money in the pockets, though I didn't take any of the money I just left it in the pockets. The gym changed into my room. It looked like my cousin's bedroom, except dark and creepy and mental hospitalish. My dad came over and started taking things. I kept talking to him and trying to get him to laugh when I told him about the speedos I found that day. He just gave me small smiles but never made eye contact. He just left without saying a word. I remember standing there watching him have all of this stuff he took from my room and walking down the hall, feeling betrayed almost. I remember feeling really angry and lonely. Had another dream where I was watching, I wasn't actually a person inside the dream. There was a guy who just had a really angry vibe coming off him. I think he was a guy from one of my other dreams. There were a few other people. We, or I guess they, were in a room that was really colorful. It looked like everything was covered in graffiti. They were sitting at a table and this cop guy was leaning against a counter talking to them. They were in trouble but I don't know why. The cop guy left, and this girl decided to rebel and destroy everything. So they did. Everything was made of cardboard and they tore down the building and ripped everything apart. When they were done, they stood there breathing hard watching as the bewildered cop guy slowly walked out looking at the destruction. And I had one other dream where me and my sisters and a skinny British butler guy were in this house that was being built but then abandoned. We were standing in this room or whatever where there were no walls or ceiling, just the frame I guess. And it had plastic as the walls and ceiling. It was waving in the wind softly. I remember it was gray and stormy like it had just rained, but the sun was starting to peek through. The sun was hitting the plastic and peeking through hitting the floor whenever the plastic flapped in the breeze. My sister, Sophie, suddenly jumped and grabbed the ceiling plastic and tore everything down while everyone was screaming. Everything went black.