Dream jumper

Date: 3/23/2017

By Nitta

In the beginning my friend Ana starts off killing people and burning them. To hide the bodies, first we threw them on cactuses, poisoned the cactuses then left. My band teacher Mr. Johnson helps us hid them. Then we run away from a giant squid up a mountain. We have to get in a giant machine to kill business men by kicking them. We couldn't let the auditioner see or we would have to start all over. I then jumped to a different part of a dream where my friend Kali let's me eat her food. I spill food clean it up then tell her how I Will repay her. She then tells me her favorite food is a hotdog sandwich. Her sister Kara was there too. I then jumped to a different part where I find someone explains his dream. He wants to call me to so I call him on a phone that only allows three buttons to be pushed. We wants me to wake up and then I wake up to the sound of my hamsters rattling their cage.