Date: 4/1/2017

By Shade

Somehow ended up in a school where the teachers were mind controlling the students and killing them. The teachers are actually monsters or something. It was kind of like a large mansion actually. There was this girl. Blonde and beautiful that I fell in love with. We would sit outside on her giant stone statue. One teacher thinks he's got me under control once I get some blue stuff on my face. I make a rorsach mask and cut his head off with a machete. I let the other teacher think that I'm dead, so that when he thinks he has got my brother all alone, I show up disguised as the first teacher that I killed. He Braggs about killing the blonde girl, and I ask if I make a good [insert dead teacher name]. Then I show that it's me, and I tear him apart. Later, there's a funeral for everyone who was killed in the school. I go out back and look at the statue where we used to sit. It's raining. I can't stop crying. I decide to walk home.