not a real baby

Date: 8/23/2017

By moonriver

I lived in Bloomington again but I had a baby that I didn't tell my parents about. It was a secret and I took it to my office job with me and brought it with me everywhere. It was a girl and was very very new. I can still remember what it felt like in my arms and I bathed it and breastfed it and put it to sleep. My parents came to visit so I left her at the office hoping someone would take care of her. I told them I had work later and couldn't be gone long. We drove to an antique store filled with glass and poked around but there was nothing good.I went back to work and got my baby and I was with her for days and days. It felt extremely real. Then one day i looked down and the baby was just a doll.So I went shoplifting and stole a bunch of clothes to make myself feel better. I stole a really nice tiara.