Trying too hard

Date: 3/13/2019

By zarrington

I was working at a mall food court and it was dead. I was super bored thinking about what I was going to do later and got a text about a party that night so I had to quickly work on getting some drugs to partake in at the party. I’m 30 and have zero drug contacts in real life and I was equally as uncool in my dream. I was thinking as hard as I could of who I could call/text to get stuff when I saw some shady teenagers walking around the food court with a briefcase. I thought, what kids use briefcases? Then I figured I’ll just risk it and ask if they have anything for me. I went up to them, said something like what’s up got any drugs, they looked at me like I was a total loser. I said I need some stuff what’s in the briefcase and I was trying to say all the modern day terms like “Lit” and “fire” etc. it was not working, and I got turned away. I went back to work and as I was clocking in the kids came running around the corner being chased by mall cops, I said I’ll totally help them out and hide the briefcase for them (cuz I’m so hip and cool) the cops came up to us, asked if they were with me and I said nope, they’re trying to steal from the restaurant and should be arrested. The cops took them away leaving my new briefcase full of goodies behind.