Amazon spider

Date: 6/5/2017

By tiptipkitten

It started off very complex so I don't remember much other then me and my friends started fighting a giant spider then I turned into a spider of the same kind and started a family with a friend who also changed into one. We decided to go play with our friends again. We played a strained game that reminded me of hide and seek except more dangerous and we were being chased by a spider. Something happened with a snow mountain and the spider tricked us. We laughed about it then decided we're gonna change games. Someone suggested something about the amazing Spider-Man and everyone agreed (at some point I was human again) something happened yet again that I can't remember and I was following a friend to a nearby gazebo then out of nowhere I got shot in the forehead with a blunt arrow and was nicked out for a few seconds. I woke up with an ice pack on then I got up and looked around. I saw amazon warriors bustling about the gazebo and one stoped by to say sorry about the arrow, I said I didn't mind then she left after saying I could join the amazons. I woke up At some point during the dream I was watching tv and one of the show was these two love birds riding bikes at night and doing all sorts of dangerous things. One of the most memorable was she fell off the bridge and grabbed on a rope that was hanging and then proceeded to swing up and back on the bridge and the whole thing with a smile.