Date: 1/27/2017

By blue biohazard

I was working at the family video in Mooresville Indiana​ and my mom was with me she said she was gonna try and stay with me til my sift was over it was 6:20 pm my sift ended at 7 pm the store manager walked in and said someone was stealing money so we had to close because so much was taken I walk across the street trying to cope with it and to get a candy bar I have no idea why but I guess I wanted one? I walk back and see my mother in the car about to start it (in real life she can't see our of one eye and has drop foot because of a stroke she can't drive!) and says I'm gonna head home I'm getting tired I said "okay mom hope you make it okay and don't hurt yourself! hahaha" then I smiled she said "o shut it!" and laughed and shut the door she left then hear the cops not even 2 blocks down one of the side rds of town I start to panic because my mom was driving and cops are down the rd I run in to call her to check on her and the cops come to the video store! and my manager yells "There's the son!" and the cops come after me! my grandpa came in and grabbed me and yelled "RUN BOY!" so I bucked it to he's car and he's right behind me in the back are some girls I have never met or seen one was queen latifah! I was yelling "WHAT THE BELL IN HELL IS GOING ON!" and my grandpa said mom stole the money and she did it again so we had to move then I pointed to queen latifah and he said he had no idea when she jumped in but hey the more the merrier I surged and we are doing 50 in a 45 I asked where we were going and my grandpa said he had some land out past Danville (witch he really doesn't) and we should be safe there because no one ever goes out there I said "okay? what about mom and my car?" he said they where both already there and I said "of course they are they have gone to a place we never hurd of and some land you never told us about! sure moms going to be there and we are all gonna live happily ever after! NOT! as I yelled not we pull off the rd and we are on a old dusty rd I look around and said " we are lost! you bull shitted us!" and he said "shut your mouth!" and we pulled into a long drive way into a wired looking town a small town where everyone knew everyone but we past that and made it to a house that was old looking really old looking my grandpa said we are here and I look at the crap shack and shake my head and softly say "one must do with what one has I guess!" he looked at me and laughed "come in ill show you around" I said "ok?" and walked be hide him we walked inside and he smiled home sweet home queen latifah looked around and said "nicer then the shit holes I hung out in!" I looked at her and she and I both laughed we followed my grandpa and he too a chimney and said "bub I need you to go into the chimney and hit the button inside only a small person can do it the cops won't find us if you do!" with this my mom and grandma walk in and my mom says "they are getting closer I can see the lights I go into the chimney and hit the small black button it was hard to see but I knew it was higher up that way if you didn't know what you where looking for you would not find it I hear something cranking and pop out to see the wall opening everyone ran in and the wall closed but there was lights from the top of the house there was some kinda glass that loomed over us but it looked dark my grandpa said we where under the green house witch had black flooring that was really a two way mirror that he made from car widows I thought they where gonna find us when we went throw this maze looking thing and let me tell you we get there without a problem my grandpa knew the maze like the back of his hand as we get to what he called the "under town" he unlocked the door and we all smiled a town that was inside with some kinda mall out side like Perry Crossing but everything still had carpet or hard wood floors he smiled and said the only down side is we are off the greed so if we wanted something like fast food we'd have to make it but everything was there! I look around and seen some houses and he said I could pick what ever house I wanted I picked the smallest house but it was more like a little hobbit home he said he knew I would pick that and laughed I said hey its like middle earth because we are in the middle of the earth and walked over to what was now my house and everyone else picked and went to check them out I had a study and everything food and some older whine that was wrapped with a note that said "welcome bub glad we finally made it!" I smiled and started to cry when I seen my rocking chair I ran to it and sit down this rocking chair was meant for my tiny house I was gonna make but I thought it looked beautiful by my fireplace with a self of books on top I pick one and turn my phone on and pick a song the town even had Wi-Fi we where so far down though no one above us could get it I smiled as I pick my favorite​ song to read to witch is Celtic woman may it be (ok I know before someone says it!) but its a good song I get a text that says to meet everyone at the outside mall it was my grandpa and grandma they said that we where safe here and that no one could find us my great grandpa helped make that so being in ww2 he heard some stuff and was sure there would be a dooms day so he help make this town but we could not go up top or text anyone that was up above just to be safe with Wi-Fi I don't blame the paranoia but hey I could still get on facebook and see how everyone was doing and tomorrow I was gonna send a text to my bf to get him down here to I'm not dying alone fuck that shut but it was so beautiful down here I walk to my grandpas house to check up on him and he's get the biggest house down here I walk in and its breath taking he's get my cousins my uncle and aunt here and then it hit me food what about food we can't grow it because of the lack of lights we had lights but they where old street lights and I went to talk about it to my grandpa he said we are already growing food and have compost stuff in our houses I asked to see them and he took me and I could not believe it mirrors shining light in he said if we needed to we could close the top off and the l e d strips would turn on intently around and on top of the plants so it would hit them and they where on a timer so they would not get to much light he had a mister that would go off every day that would go off long enough to water them all we where on more then one well that had a cleaning thing on it but with only a few homes and building that was only open when you needed them it would last a while he even had testers to test the water every min he had it where he would get a text on his flip phone if something happened and needed to turn a well water pump off but it was so peaceful there so claiming we even had a feng shui garden it was so relaxing we when to a town meeting to come up with a name because under town kinda sucked but I said "how about radiant garden" because it reminded me of my favorite game kingdom hearts it was tied between that and Angel avenue we couldn't pick so we mast the two together and named it "Radiant avenue" we had music playing and my grandpa said the town was surrounded by soundproof glass so we would not be found there was not any cars but bikes lots of bikes it was nice no more car payments no more worrying about anything he even had pigs so I could have my insulin! I just wanted to stay there forever a new start and a new home best part it had everything even a downstairs that was a master bedroom! it was light a mix of 90's and of the best of 2000-17 but what make it even better I had my own plant I could grow I was so happy it was like nothing I could ever phantom it was so amazing