Don't Mess With My Honey

Date: 4/19/2017

By ImperatorFuriosa

I was friends with this gay youtuber and I was asking him to hook me up with Natasha Negovanlis. He said I couldn't be with her because I wasn't confident enough. To prove him wrong I told him about the time I was arrested because I told a stranger that she was beautiful. As I was telling him the story I realized I was Chris D'Elia and I was actually arrested for pretending to be a bird in public. I wasn't scared because I knew my dad would just bail me out. Then I attended this night class. The first lecture was about not having a gender. I was so looking forward to it but there weren't enough people so it was cancelled. And the people that were there were homophobic. I met M at the traffic department. She was going to do an oral exam for a motorbike licence. Lauren and I were waiting for her and could hear her answers. The test was done with a crazy fast video that she had to respond to. She was so nervous and her answers were silly. But the test was bizarre so we didn't really know if she was getting it right or wrong. When she was done she came over and asked us how we thought she had done. I said the test was weird and we'd see when the results came. Lauren said, "No, you sucked. You totally failed." She was so mean and condescending. And I got so angry. I told her to shut the fuck up. That if she said anything else I would fuck her up, that if she EVER said anything hurtful or insensitive to M again I would fuck her up.