Never ending rooms

Date: 8/26/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

I'm in a big, big house that kinda looks like mine (just bigger) but instead of being on the third floor, it's a villa. I'm home alone for some reasons, and while a look around I seem to understand that this isn't my house. Feeling a little unprotected I close the door of the living room I'm currently in, noticing it has a secure on the top, which I also close. I now feel safe, but when I look outside I see a man standing by a car, getting closer to the big window I'm right in front of. I decide to stay calm and stand at the side, so he can't see me while he taps on the window. Then, he whips out of his pocket an object that when it hit the glass, it made it break into pieces. I scream horrified, and that's when he notices me and I understand that he wants to hurt me. I start to run, I open the door and go outside by the front door. I run and run and this is when the dreams morphs into something else. Now I'm right in front of a train, but not by the side as you usually wait for them, but behind. I'm with my mom and my aunt, and we notice that the train is kind of split in half. One side is the normal train, the one we get on, the other side is a luxurious one, it has the Lamborghini symbol on it and someone says that there's a famous footballer on it. Curious, once inside, I glance at the window expecting to see the other side of the train but I see nothing but white and a faint outline of the other window, like it was disappearing. It, in fact, disappears right after. We're all very confused but we brush it off. Now the train changes again, and I'm not in a normal train, rather the roller coaster type. The railways become a roller coaster themselves and we begin to go faster, turn, and I'm living for it because I love rollercoasters. Once we arrive I don't see my mom or my aunt anymore, instead of them there some old friends of mine, but I can't remember precisely their faces now. We're in what looks like an amusement park. It's huge, it has lots of attractions and places where they talk about things. We get into one of these, it's basically a big square room that looks like an university room and at the bottom of it there are plenty sports equipment and a table. I notice there are a lot of tennis rackets and balls, so I begin to look through them although each of the rackets are build very weirdly. I then pick up a Violet one and a ball and start playing by myself against the wall. Then a woman enters, and starts talking. I don't remember what it was about but me and my friends decide it's boring and leave. As we get out, I hear her screaming we were urespectful but we don't care much. Then we enter in another one of these big rooms but it actually looks a lot more like an house. And it in fact is, apparently is one of my friend's family's house and it's huge. It has so many rooms that each time I go around of the house, I get lost. Especially with one of my friends, we keep walking and walking but we keep losing the track of where we are going and can't find the exit. The rooms start to look alike but with different doors and we start to panic. At the end, I don't know why, we call 911. Then we manage to finally go back to the living room where everyone else is and the mother is very angry for our call. The door rings and a boy enters, supposedly it was the 911 guy but he doesn't look like It. He randomly starts to talk with my friend, until they start to make out and go to another room. At this point, everyone has a boyfriend with them except me. And I kinda feel uncomfortable and sad. This is when I woke up.