Kids on a plane

Date: 5/31/2019

By ajb304

I was flying somewhere on a plane full of strangers. The plane started to go down because this was the first time the pilot had every flown and she was bad at it(?). The plane landed in water and everyone managed to escape before it was submerged, me being the last left on. I notice two kids that had been hiding and carry them out of the plane and to safety. I debate whether or not to try and find their parents bc why give kids back to parents who didn’t try to save them from a plane crash but eventually decide to track them down. I arrive at a new location and notice the children have shrunken down into these little pellets that looked like the compressed towels you’d get as a kid that expanded when you put them in water. I find the parents and expect them to be disappointed that their children are pellets but instead they’re excited and thank me.