Ariana Grande Concert

Date: 7/10/2017

By kkthedreamer

Last night I dreamt that I was going to an Ariana Grande concert in my city, even though in my dream I knew that the US leg of the Dangerous Woman tour was over. My mom drove my two sisters and I to the concert venue (which didn't seem familiar to me), where we put all our stuff down and took our seats. The venue was fairly small, and there wasn't anyone in there. I supposed that we had just gone there early and were the first ones there somehow. I saw Ariana standing by a seat lower down, and I remember shouting, "Yay, I'm the first one here!" to her. She looked at me but I don't think she said anything. She walked behind stage and I went back to my seat. A few people entered, but not many. It seemed like we were waiting for hours for the concert to start, and still there were only a few people watching. My sisters and I walked off to buy merchandise, and the place it was being sold looked like the mall. My mom didn't let me buy anything, so I went back to my seat. It was nighttime now and yet the concert hadn't started and hardly anyone was there. My mom just drove us back home then because we thought it would never start. When I got home I turned on the TV and for some reason the concert we had just left was being filmed live, and Ariana was finally singing. I was mad that we left just before it started. And I think that's it. I remember waking up and feeling good about this, though.