17. False awakening. Freacking out.⏰

Date: 1/20/2017

By Raul

In the dream I was trying to astral project and I got to the detaching from the body stageand I was seying all forms of humaboids in my dazed state of mind then fall asleep. I had a false awakening and I was in a diferent citty more than 70km away at a friend's apartment. I started freacking out as to how I got there,why I don't remember anything and I realised I should be at work. My friend told me " you don't remember? you came with your car in the midle of the night and got drunk with us, we had lots of fun". We drank a coffee and got out to meet with the rest of our friends from last night. We went to kfc to eat and they told me my car was in a diferent citty another 100km away. I started freacking out again, worying about the well being of my car. A friend took us to the car location and my car was painted a diferwnt color and I was like "WTF happened?" I started driving back home having been woried to how I could explain this to my boss and my family... At one point I puled over in a swamp-like neighborhood. When I used my remote key to lock the car It contracted into a small cube and I realised it's a SCP. Some angry people armed with crowbars and baseball bats came to beat me up for hiting theyr cars last night. At this point I freacked out the most and I woke up...