Dragon age school

Date: 5/16/2017

By RomanLlama

I woke up in a school, had super powers, notable from DA:I and I had to close a rift. old school friends where there Mike Hector in Martin and some other school people and I had this feeling not that it was scary but that it was like Dread impending doom almost and I had to I like discovered this plot that that old school in Houston was going to like take over all of whole tones Haltom High School students I guess just going to take over the school there was a scene that was like heavily including marching band and I was marching in it even though I had no idea what the show was and is really like psychedelic in the beginning and then it stopped being psychedelic then after that I went to go exports School to try to find out what was happening with the principal and everything and then I was wearing a black dress that was way too tight and I had to keep pulling it down then the dream shift to the scene where I woke up and I was like this dog and a house that was from Denmark is what I don't know why but would it but that's what I was told that it was in Denmark it was like all matter would it have like I was like this dogs boy and his house and as a dog I like took out everything everything that was in the house like put everything on the floor from the drawers and cupboards and like you were trying to escape and then like I switch from being the dog to being myself and I was there with a co-worker for work her name is Mary and me and Mary were trying to Xscape this house but trying to fight and they cuz we started like opening all these we were opening all these covers and doors and like little nooks and crannies and we were discovering like a bunch of books and weird stuff that was like all about the house being about Jesus and those like really kind of goes, it was unnerving it was like what's happening this house while we trapped in this house and when you looked at the window those his guy he was like really tall and dressed in black he wasn't like ugly he was like he had a tractor face but he was really tall and he was just kind of watching us to see if we left the house but then we started to get light time is running out I guess and Mary didn't want to be there anymore she's all will come back next time to see if we can get out and I was like no I got to get out and now and then we went to the kitchen of this house and I noticed that underneath the sink the light carb like that so it was and cardboard but the the cabinets were made of really thin wool wood that could get us that if you pushed out things they could get you out and so I saw that but the tall man outside so that I was in there doing that and so he like smiled and was going to come in he was just watching you because I made like a hole and made a hole in the wood behind the sink or under the sink and he was like watching it and so I got a knife and I poked him that was like in those another thing in the Dreamhouse that you could just pick up like knives and stuff it was okay and so on I like poke Doom and then it kind of ended after that and then it kind of went on that he wanted he was sick and wanted our power and it was really weird after that like was like a trailer for like with next episode