New Friends, Scary Hair Treatment

Date: 5/12/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was on a playground where adults frequently hung out. Maybe a college playground? I was swinging and a couple of women started swinging next to me. They were really cool and we clicked instantly. One had dark brown shoulder length hair and the other had kind of short layered red hair. After a while the dark haired one left and I kept spending time with the other one. We just kept getting closer until we were laying on a blanket together being snuggly and joking like we'd known each other for years. At some point she laughed and squeezed my boob just for fun. I asked her how old she was and she said 24. I told her I'm 34 and braced for her being freaked out and maybe disappointed because I look a lot younger than that. She wasn't though and wondered why I cared about her age anyway. I agreed that ageism is dumb. The next day I was looking for them again and found them, but I couldn't remember their names. I thought the redhead was named Ginger and I asked if that was her name. She gave me a strange name that sounded nothing like Ginger and maybe middle eastern. I said I'd call her that then and not Ginger. She said sure I could call her by her correct name, if I wanted to be totally conventional. I thought about it, but it seemed not right to caĺl her Ginger since she was a redhead. 2: I was with a group of dancers, and we were all getting a hair treatment from our directors. It involved drinking colorful gel out of party balloons. The gel was full of some sort of chemical that was also used as a pesticide, but made your hair really nice. One of the girls couldn't stop puking it up, but it was ok because her hair was still going to be nice. The director said that if our body couldn't handle the chemical we'd just barf most of it up anyway. I started to do it, but then refused. I told her I hadn't puked since I was six (actually true, I used to have a terrible phobia of it, now it's more just a fear of the unknown). I said also that I have fine hair that probably wouldn't respond well to the treatment anyway. I thought it wasn't smart for all of them to be drinking pesticide, also. Fortunately they didn't try to force me to do it.