Stuck in the academy

Date: 6/1/2019

By hitchhiker24601

I dreamt that I was stuck in this strange academy and was not allowed to leave st all. There were thousands of students that all obeyed this scary principle blindly. The main part of the school that I remember was a gigantic room with rows of desks with students and teachers working independently. The principal was very controlling with me. An older teacher helped me escape. The world looked different- it was like a cross between a jungle and a city. Eventually they found me By sending the entire school out to get me. I ran ages trying to get away but there were always students everywhere I turned. Eventually I was stuck on the end of a log that was rather high up. They waited me out until I saw the principal causing me to bolt again. This didn’t work and I was brought back to that shit hole after a stop at a coffee shop for some reason.