drill team and many more

Date: 3/5/2017

By justabrooksgirl

I was back in Texas with my drill team, they were short a rider and so I volunteered. While other teams were preforming I asked two of my girl friends on the team to come help me learn the drill fast. I remember thinking "I don't have spurs". Then it switched locations, I was now at some sort of pageant and I was a contestant. We were all lined up on stage and we had to do weird suggestive things to an audience of boys. The host guy called over the mic for all contestants to remove their shirt and then take a "freestyle" and work their area. I struggled to get my shirt off even after everyone else already had theirs off. People in the audience yelled "lift your arms up" as if they were assisting me in taking my shirt off. It worked, and then the location changed again. I'm now in a large building. My dad works in this building I'm pretty sure because he had an office. I remember coming to him frantic about how someone (who I suspected to be Logan) killing my kitten Sia in this large claw machine game thing. My dad didn't believe me and made me come back to the house and help me look for her, when we got to outside of our house (which was by a large body of water like a beach or something) their was this girl about my age and her black German shepherd puppy and some other larger dog. Her and my dad got into a conversation about how their is a gas bomber headed for Florida, and her and her dogs are here to make sure everyone in our city stays safe. She then said "it's fun because normally everyone leaves (as in evacuates)...Her and my dad continued talking for a bit and then I needed up going inside her house where she was living alone with all her snakes and two dogs. Right when I walked in the door there was this large snake enclosure. And the first snake I saw was my friend kyles snake Casper. I yelled out his name "CASPER" and then my dad came up behind me said "we have to go now sorry" and then I woke up!