I honestly don’t know

Date: 7/6/2019

By kristorres

This dreams has 2 parts that don’t fall into each other at all so yeah Part 1: I was at my grandmas house and this girl that I’ve never seen before had her own bedroom, her one wall was just a big window, because of it she had 2 mattresses , one was just laying like normal and the other was kinda like “/“ over her bed to block the window, it turns out this weird female dragon demon looking thing would fly over the window to try and take the girl, my boyfriend fro some reason cut a whole in the “/“ mattress and the thing was able to see her, we both ran into another room and hid in a closet waiting for the thing to leave, once it did we went outside and there was some sort of business party going on? That’s where this part ends.... Part 2: I was in a room with other people, I knew some of them but not the rest, one of them was my step father, we were in groups and he told us while he stood in front of this holographic table that seemed to have some sort of map with white flags on” the team with most territory wins, this is how you activate the flags” he waved his hand next to one of the white flags and it turned red. Once we where done running around activating flags we went to what seemed to be a parking lot at a outlet at night. My step dad gets out of the car and says “ I want you to activate the cars that are parked just how you did with the flags” this left me in my dream like “how the fuck, that was a table with a censor I can’t wave at a car and turn it on” this time there was no teams, everyone confused as hell ran and tried their best, I got in a car and for some reason I though “what if I have powers like idk telekinesis or some shit “ so I put my hands over the car and focus, the car turns on. I got out of the car and it was raining, for some reason I though “ if I can turn on a car, what else can I do?” So I put my hand up to the sky and I collected raindrops into what it seemed like a big ball of it and then “shot” it out??? I saw someone in one of the stores, I went inside and it was my boyfriends sister and her boyfriend arguing and a store clerk between them, idk what they where arguing about but I left into another store where I saw my friend/cousins called Diji. Diji was dancing on this DDR thing, you know there’s two half to the machine? The tv and the floor pad? Yeah she was dancing on a broken floor pad with no screen....I saw a plant in this room and I did the same thing I did for the car and the plant started to grow...Diji saw and said “OH! Cool thanks I’m going to steal your idea...bye!” And left Then I woke up. YES I KNOW ITS LONG, YES I KNOW DREAMS ARE SUPPOSED TO LAST LIKE 2 MINUTES BUT IDK WHY THIS WAS SO MUCH IN ONE NIGHT.