Date: 5/4/2017

By Bannanaleafer

So it starts off with 3 siblings (1 girl 2 boys) making a video of someone breathing fire (the girl) and then them posting it. It gets a lot of views in their country and suddenly the government is calling their family. The mother sits and talks with her kids and then so goes off privately and talks to her daughter about staying safe. The daughter is hella confused and can't figure out what tf is going on. Fast forward a couple of months she's at a concert or something and there is a lot of people (like aaaaaa loooottt of people) and she loses something and ends up chasing the culprit outside. A security person (idk what this dude really was, kinda forgot) helps chase the thief and they end up in an empty ish parking lot. She (instead of waiting around for this idiot of a man) decides to hit wire a car and the first one she tries doesn't work but then she sees a purple dodge sports car thingy and she is able to hot wire this one. All while she is doing this security dude is telling her it's illegal and he's getting all mad at her but she's not fucking listening to his dumb ass. Whatever she's trying to find must be very important (I still don't know what it was she lost). Fast forward a looooong time (not sure if it's days or hours or weeks, etc) but they're in this dark place and they're walking on this platform and if they fall off they die (it's not high up I just know if one person falls they both die) and she trips and the first thing he does -instead of running away - is try to help her up so she doesn't die (she says she drunk but I don't remember anything about a bar or alcohol (???) but she says something to him like "you're cute" or something and he laughs it off and then an alarm goes off and they both look behind them to see a big dog-ish animal and they sprint to the end of the platform and see this neon sign that says "POP" and is peach/pink colored and she takes out a knife (idk where she got it) and hits the sign and falls again and the dude screams her name this time and she doesn't respond (she's hanging over the edge this time). He thinks she's dead and starts to get all emotional (forgot to mention they are very nice to each other now and are bordering on a romantic relationship) and he thinks he lost her but she starts coughing or whatever and thinks he's an enemy cause it's dark and slaps and kicks him trying to get away but then she realizes it's him and stops and she starts crying and tells him she got electrocuted for a few seconds and that's why she passed out but she said she wanted him to get out alive and that's why she did it. I remember them getting out of this thing and they were back in the dodge sports car and it was all kinds of fucked up (looked like a fast and furious car after a crash scene 😂) but they were just casually driving it down the city road (don't know how they got in a city) and they get to a store and he's paying for some stuff and she's just stumbling around the store in the back and the cashier says "Abdullah Amingatta" (from A$AP Rocky's song "R-Cali) and because I find this hella funny I started laughing and woke myself up 😒.