Mother Visiting

Date: 7/29/2017

By toxxicduck

Mom was visiting us and staying over for the night, which was REALLY annoying and frustrating for everyone. Her presence made my sister have a panic attack. She was in bed at first, but the panic attack caused her to go screaming around the house. I tried to stay in my bedroom, but Mom was talking so loud and annoying that I went out to tell her to keep it down because its nighttime and people are trying to sleep. She was simply in a towel and had crap in her hair for dying it. She acted all sorry and stuff for being loud, but in her obnoxious drunk way, like “OH SILLY ME, OOPS, HAHAHA, I’M SORRY! I’ll stop now, I’ll stop now.” I felt disgusted and went back into my room. I had a balcony of my own (we live in an apartment). I went out there and saw that all our cats were chilling there too, and I climbed over the ledge to sneak out of the house, because I was sick of being around my mom. Which is silly because I am an adult and don't have to sneak out if I want to leave anymore. My moms presence gave the dream a nightmare feeling to it. Clearly Mommy-issues. I haven't seen my mother in weeks, either.