Champagne, Singing, and Prayers

Date: 2/24/2019

By pinkstar16121

I only remember vaguely the first part. My friend's sister was there or at least someone who looked like her and there was this dance competition that she took part in. I just watched enviously because I can't dance and the girl said I would do better in a singing competition because that's my musical talent and so I then imagined there was a singing competition. My cousin was in it who does sing but I'm kind of a better singer than her although she doesn't know that. I think I won the fantasy competition but I do remember there was this one girl who had a really good voice and she sang every note flawlessly. I think she came up later though because I do remember winning and I think that was to prove I'm better at singing than dancing. The next part my mom had gone somewhere with my other cousin, the sister of the above mentioned cousin. I think she had asked my mom to go to the casino or something and my mom eagerly accepted the offer but then she regretted it after she had realized she'd forgotten she would run into her estranged niece. When she did they both said hi to each other curtly and then that was over. At one point I was transported into a story I've written but never finished but it was also my estranged uncle's house, specifically his finished basement where there are a ton of movies and I also thought about my uncle, the above mentioned aunt's husband who is also my estranged uncle's sister. This uncle is a big movie buff and has tons of movies on the shelves that surround his big screen TV. But anyway I was in my estranged uncle's basement with the two main characters in my story and then it turned into the layout of their apartment that I have in my head. It was the scene where they were picking a movie to watch. It also began to feel like a different story and the layout of the apartment became blurred in my mind. The next part I remember I was walking around these sidewalks at night and there was this other blonde girl who was heavyset but beautiful and later I saw my cousin and her mother, my aunt. We kept getting kissed by these men we would run into on the streets. I kinda liked it. I think my mom thought it was disgraceful but my aunt didn't see the big deal. The last part I remember there was that woman I mentioned at the beginning who was a flawless singer. She reminded me of Ariana Grande in that way and she was beautiful! Her dark hair was curled and she wore a whitish lilac dress that made her look fairy-like. She was on a stage and she sang a song I don't know but she after began to vocalize in falsetto and that's when I was up on the stage with her and began to join in the vocalizing. Then I was somewhere else in that same place where I was walking on the dark sidewalks and I was now indoors somewhere in that area. My singing cousin was there and everyone had a glass of champagne and then my cousin said "let us pray" and I closed my eyes and blindly placed my glass down on the table next to me and tried to focus on my cousin's words but my mom, who was right next to me on my left, started to rudely comment on the absurdity of this whole thing and how it was fake and I jabbed her in the arm with my nail and opened my eyes to look at her and I noticed she didn't even have a glass of champagne but was holding a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.