Car shooting

Date: 3/22/2019

By kalexander92

My mother in law was in the drivers seat, I was next to her, and my fiancé was next to me... (idk why there were 3 of us in the front when there are only two seats, but okay) Our windows were down.. We went to take a turn and this AM guy that looked to be homeless, came out of nowhere (on the drivers side of the car), and we almost hit him. Mother in law said something along the lines of “wtf, watch where you’re going”. The guy started to walk back the way he came from, pulled a white ski mask over his face, pulled out a handgun(?) and started shooting at MIL. I don’t remember seeing blood but MIL was crying and repeating the words ‘no- please no’. then he pointed the gun at my head, and the bullets got jammed. I remember trying to hurry my head behind my MIL’s back and my fiancé was doing the same to me. I woke up at like the 3-4th shot he tried to take at me, so idk what happened after that.