Gordon and the "Seal" Baby

Date: 5/5/2019

By Amia

There was a Meet -n- Greet near my house between Gordon Ramsey and James Charles. James Charles' line was extremely long so I chose to go to Gordon's. He was really cool and I bought him a smoothie. (He actually liked it) We were talking about how 85% of the food in stores are packaged and he's like "I know, let me show you something." I followed him to his kitchen. He starting showing me freshly dead animals and weeks old dead animals as a comparison on when to eat them. (It was disgusting but I don't think what he said in my dream was 100% correct) The animals he showed were stingrays, chickens, and then there were seals- I think. It was very disturbing because the baby seal looked almost like a human baby (I have no idea why) I started crying at the sight and Gordon said it was okay, he gave me a hug. Remember how these animals were supposed to be dead? The baby seal MOVED. I said, "Gordon! It moved! Is that just the nerves or something moving like how it is for dead eels?" He said, "No..." The baby seal opened its eyes, it looked very dead. I'll describe the skin-texture. You could see its veins and the entire body was this gray-ish with some blue. I picked it up and held it close, it started whining. It's alive! Gordon says "Let's go, we're taking it to the hospital" and I followed with the baby seal in my arms. It started looking even more like a baby. I asked, "Are you sure this isn't an actual baby?". He replied, "No, that's what my food guy told me". We get into the car, I wave to James Charles since he's sitting on a step nearby. He waved back but let's move on. I laid the baby seal on the back seat, it started forming color as it whined even more. (It was definitely a baby at this point) Gordon drove us to the hospital and they took in the baby only to report back that it actually was a human baby. I figured that it would be but it still shocked me. Apparently, the guy that Gordon got the "seal" from attempted to murder his own baby and it didn't work. It's a weird miracle. The doctor says that the baby is going to be put up for adoption if we don't want him. (Yes, him) Gordon steps up and says, "I'll adopt the baby". It was really nice of him, considering he just had a baby with his wife. We both went home and I still got to see James Charles before he left to go back to California. The End!