Date: 7/21/2017

By crafty

I was at my house and I had deliver a shirt to the back of my family friends truck and I got in the back door and I was moving around and I tryed outing it away the truck went forward and every time I tryed to put the shirt on it went backwards I kept trying but I would continue to go back then it went so far back it hit a wall after that I got everyone's attention they all came out side laughing and said they weren't mad but they invited it me inside my garage to play basketball because in my garage I have a hoop but then everybody was in there but I haven't seen a lot of them for years like my cousins exgirfriend and her sister and people they knew and it was weird because there was someone I didn't even know and my dad's friends and my cousin was sitting up against the wall but it is 1in the morning but bright as day out but a hour earlyer it was 5 at night normally bright but I started talking to my cousin about how dunked on my bro the hoop is about 6'3 in height but then my brother woke me up