He fell thru

Date: 3/26/2017

By Sammi9kh

I was driving home from Calgary with grandma sleeping in the back seat. I was having trouble navigating as every time we went up a hill I couldn't see anything but the dash. We got into Edmonton and I couldn't turn on gp's fast enough to catch our exit and we missed it driving downtown and finally seeing an exit. Although it's made of cloth and I get confused by the radio DJ. So I go to ask which exit it it and find out this ramp is actually the wave pool and we're in the mall.. Mom and I race to find a way out and do so on the riverbank enterence. I use the car as a snow sleigh as it's the perfect Size and am followed by mom and Shea. Who I find out are Lorelei Gilmore and Elanor my sister. Mac runs onto the ice and starts following us. I follow the train tracks walking as the car is gone and go around the back side of the building to carve our names in true GG fashion. Mom Mary (my 'real' name) and Elanor. I notice Mac on the ice and know he'll fall thru on this side so I yell and wave trying to get him to stop or stay with me. I hear a crack and 'wake up' at home. (the Soloducha house rearranged) and am running to Luke Danes to hold me and warm up my toes 'I'm so cold and I miss him daddy I say' crying now he is shocked that I call him. Daddy and asks what? 'I just miss him daddy' and cry bitterly. Shea/Elanor walks by and says 'he was just a horse' and uncle Gregg who has been sitting near us tells her to go away. Luke holds me closer in the rocking chair like a small child.