Date: 8/13/2019

By Friesandnuggets

There was a longer dream I had earlier but I don’t remember it fully. This is the second dream. My two old friends Y and J were at my school (they went to my primary school but not my secondary). I was basically giving them a tour of the school. We came out of my history class and my physics teacher was there doing weird hand motions to signal us to leave. As we left J turned to me and said “why was that crazy old man telling us what to do?” We leave and go to the playground. We sit at a brown bench and for some reason we all had cornflakes. This is when it gets harder. Everything becomes really blurry and some bits are just missing. My bowl of cereal is gone and the faces of my friends are really blurry and empty. I suddenly realise I’m dreaming because this couldn’t happen in real life. The longer it goes on the harder it is to see the dream. I’m determined to get back in so I start telling the dream to get clearer and it starts to. Then I remember a new school rule they’re bringing in and interrupt my friends to say “oh my god, guess what they’re doing to the shirts next year”. I knew I was dreaming from this point but it ended pretty soon after.