Exorcist and demon possession

Date: 8/15/2017

By contactsilence

I was watching the exorcist that I do not watch in rl. It was cartoonish and I thought it would be okay. I was blocking the screen for a young girl about age 3 that I was babysitting, and she was trying to see around me. We stopped briefly because she had a snotty nose, so I went to the bathroom with her to clean her nose and there were like 7 boogers in one swipe! Then a man lined up to get his nose wiped too! So a man had me clean his fucking boogers and said "you know what? I should get that done more often!" I was like, yeah okay, thinking you fucking weirdo, but I was nice and said, "Yeah, well, I go get my nails done and hair done, so yeah, it's no big deal if you want to get your boogers done. " Then I walked away and rolled my eyes thinking "what a fucking weirdo" So back to the tv screen. We were back there and the stupid exorcist cartoon movie was playing half on the screen and half on a milk carton which makes no sense, but dreams are like that and I decide it's not appropriate for the girl, so I take her away and out around back to an area with a fountain pond and wouldn't you know the kid fell in and I was like, "shit!" And of course, I don't feel good with arthritis, so to pull her out I know will hurt a lot and I can hear her screaming underneath he water "help me," or something of that nature. And as with any dream when one needs to act swiftly, ones arms are weighted down and didn't work properly at all, and poor kid was still screaming. She was under the water a bit and I finally lifted her out and I asked if she was okay and she assures me she was and that she had not swallowed or inhaled any water. I was thinking to myself "phew, near miss. Maybe I can keep this on the down low and was debating that for a moment, as in not tell her parents. I don't recall a verdict on that, but I was certainly thinking it would be best to tell. Before I knew it, we were back at the TV set with other daycare employees. I was a day care employee and wasn't too impressed with myself over my occupation by any means, but it was a job for the day. And then, the table started to move on it's own and I told the girl next to me that I originally thought was a man actually, that I thought it was a demon from the TV, and we ran to the next room. He/she was supposed to be the demon expert and she flipped out and I had to calm her/him down and I started saying the Lord's Prayer. It was scary as shit and we were huddled and holding hands. The force went away! I tried cleaning up and it was horribly dirty as though there was just evil around. I tried to drive my truck to go home and I thought about the demon for a mere second, and I over shot whilst backing up and nearly went over a cliff backwards! I couldn't get out and was smashed a bit into the cab, so I just honked to get someone's attention to get some help as I tried to get my feet to work the peddles. But as dreams have it, my feet weren't wroking either and the evil force was present. I could feel it and I knew then it was responsible for the accident.