Friends Below Enemies

Date: 7/30/2017

By Nochise

I was watching a movie clip on YouTube with my mom and it showed a boy played by Elijah Wood and he was watching a VHS tape that looked like a redneck on tv. When it was over he stepped outside and it was beautiful with mountains and clear skies but the boy looked sad. All of a sudden he transformed into a big yellow half lion half goat creature and started to run faster than any creature on earth. The scene was beautiful and the boy felt so happy to be free. Another lion creature that looked like the boy but was light brown saw him while laying under a Savannah tree and he started to chase him. The boy felt scared and tried to run as fast as he could but the other lion was catching up to him. He just wanted to play tag and he said "tag you're it!" When he reached the boy and the boy was relieved and they started to play tag in the fields. My mom was confused and stated that that's not how she remembered the movie went. I was creeped out because how can scene from a movie be changed and it was like I was in a Mandela effect. It turns out that the clip was from a parody movie called "Furries Over Frenemies." I then watched another clip from a movie called "Friends Below Enemies" and the the boy in the movie seems to be much younger than Elijah Wood and seems to be bullied a lot in school. The scene with the VHS tape was not a Redneck on tv but instead it was disturbing cult images. The scene at the end was that the boy ended up being killed by the lion after being caught and was eaten.