Mr. lucid part 3

Date: 8/13/2017

By nexus

I didnt intend to lucid dream at all last night infact i didnt even care i f i had a dream because i fell asleep at around 3 am but luckily in the beginning of my first adventure i was not only aware i was in a dream but i was fully aware of my abilities giving me the power to jump from dream world to dream world which was insanely cool although i didnt over do it weirdly, my frist dream it was me in my room and going on this trip to some airsoft base where kids were cosplaying as deadpool (i have no idea where that came from lol) so all of a sudden i became lucid and i remembered that i could go to different worlds but i decided to stay an hang out there for a little while as the dream goes on there was an attack and everyone was running and at this point i began to lose lucidity and i cant remember what exactly was the threat but just in the nick of time i warp to another dream world where i visit my grandma and there about to go to sleep i suddenly remember the backstory to the dream it was like a huge party that was thrown and everyone was tired as i went to sleep in the dream i weirdly had a dream about everything that happened in the airsoft base so it was a dream inside of a dream that also took place in the future (mind blowwwn) the next dream i go to i try and hone my powers by jumping super high and stuff after that i meet up with my friends and their parents and it turns out the parent was a bad guy and i had to fight him after that there was this weird abstract dream that i cany really explain to you what was going on and than the last dream was me pretending to be the jay garrick flash. All in all even though i was lucid and had my abilities with me (cuz sometimes your lucid and still cant do anything about it) i had a lack of interest to do really cool stuff and i tend to keep following the dream instead of exploring more hopefully my level of interest in exploring heavily increases as i keep trying to literallu reach for te stars and further.