URBAN GLADIATOR GAMES (Old dream 1-2yrs ago)

Date: 2/21/2017

By DejavuNaud

Never remembered how I got there but it started with me and my wife along with others, being led single file down a walkway, similar to the one cattle walk to be slaughtered, by men that were armed scoping us from all around . There were 2 walk ways, my wife was across in the other line. Up ahead, I could see that the men/women were forced to be injected with something, few words whispered in their ear and led through metal doors. As we got closer I could see that it was heroin. My wife got to the front before me and was injected and led through large metal doors like the rest. Once I got to the front the man with the needle opened a box filled with heroin and other things I knew was hard drugs he said "pick your poison". Being afraid of needles I instantly back up but was pushed back up by a guard. I said "fuck that your not sticking me with that" and darted thru the doors after my wife, the men laughed yelling "good luck" as I ran .I got through the doors and ended up in an abandoned city. (This is where it gets hazy but I can still remember fairly well) walking around looking for my wife a man attacked me completely out his mind..most likely from being high. I guess each man was told that the last one standing would be let free. I was in a big free for all within a massive abandoned city! We scuffled around till I got the best of him sending him thru a window of a store. Continuing to look for my wife I could see others fighting in the distance killing each other. My heart pounding I ran into my wife who was also temporarily possessed and trying to kill me. We fought, I tried hard trying to avoid hurting her while trying to stay alive with her armed with a knife. I ended up running since I was not able to persuade her that I was her husband. I lost her and continued to fight off other men killing them, obviously there was no other way. First I was scared but it began becoming normal but still scary. With my adrenaline on high I ran up a incomplete skyscraper to get away from the madness. I stood up high watching as everyone around me below was killing each other tryin to survive. That's wen I heard someone running at me from behind..MY WIFE..with an evil look on her face, I yelled "babe, its me stop" but she tackled me sending us flying over the edge thru the roof of an old shack... AND THATS WEN I WOKE UP!