A nice summer day

Date: 2/13/2017

By PK1111

So it started while I was working in office. First we were working on our cooling system in our DC, G and H were with me looking at some generator that was supported by two short pillars. We asked eachother why the fk they would put a generator on 2 pillars.... I got a call from my manager if I remembered who Henk was. I said yeah sure. He told me he was gonna get married(this guy is already so old). My manager said that I was invited. He told me that it was in West, my office was in South East. So it was around 17:07 so I said yeah sure I can come but I am not dressed for a wedding...I had some maintenance guy working clothes on.. (Note: we talked alot on the phone, I was really contemplating whether I should go to the wedding or not) He said I can go today or tomorrow. (the wedding was 2 days) But my manager said that most people of our company went today. So I decided to go today and took the public transport to the wedding. At some point I joined up with my manager and we travelled together first by metro and then by bus. The station where we were waiting for the bus was seaside and it was a very beautiful sunny day. During the ride my boss texted me where I was and that I should come outside and smoke cigarettes with him(he thought I was still in office, my boss doesnt smoke)When disembarked from the bus, I went my own way and I suddenly ended up in some bowling alley. Because some friends told me they would be there. So I was waiting infront (during this time I lost my manager). When my friends came we lit up a joint and went bowling.(I really thought that I forgot about the wedding because of the joint). So after some time my manager texted me 3 messages starting from 12:01 asked me where I was... At this point several dreams merged together. I was already back home thinking so hard how the fuck I forgot the wedding... I told him sorry man I really forgot...I was like blacked out, I told him this never happened before and that I was really sorry... and then I suddenly remembered I smoked weed and went bowling with friends after we exited the bus. That joint was probably the cause I lost my memories I thought ! So two other dreams were there as well. First I was inside a car of my friends and we went to some place (not sure if this was the bowling alley or some thai restaurant) We parked our car in the garage with like shower heads on the ceiling on every spot... My friend asked me if any of us had small change to put into this shower head... I said sure, and the shower heads were meant to keep the car moistened...my friend even explained to me how it worked with some chemical reaction how car paint could dry up... So the machine didn't work after I put money in, the working ones had a big plastic cover to cover the whole car and like steam the car with special water....Then mama san (thai older lady) came and told me something I cannot really remember in the bar/restaurant. So the other dream was, I met a blonde lady, with short curly hairs in a red evening dress, while I was calling with my manager, this was when I was waiting outside the bowling alley on some terrace, all of this was during a nice summer day...So this lady sat infront of me first and signaled towards me with a lighter... I signaled back that I didnt smoke cigarettes. So when I finished call with my manager, the lady started to talk with me... She suddenly started to apologize to me that she couldnt be my gf while in secondary school like 15 years ago... I asked her who she was and that I dont remember such thing... She said this and that and at one point her boyfriend joined at the table... and we talked. She told me because she felt sorry that she didnt became my gf at school, she asked me if I wanted her to introduce me to some other nice girls... I said sure, but I prefer asians.... So at some moment we shifted to their apartment, inside was very sunny again, the windows were big and curtains were open. It was a nice summer day... suddenly I realized that they were scammers. I said fuck you both and showed them my middle finger and left the apartment...the lady looked a bit dissapointed. When I was downstairs the lady texted me that she was sorry again and for some reason I believed her and went back upstairs, where we ordered food online. At some point I left again because again I thought they were scammers (note: this part is a bit weird and blurry?) While I was going down I told to myself, maybe I should prank them and order a lot of food to this address.... at some point I opened my eyes and woke up... Notes: During this night dream I had a few memories that I was hiking and fishing, again on a nice summer day. One was when I left the apartment the first time, I took my vest and backpack from coat hanger, this was the same as I was wearing during my hiking trip memories(it wasnt in real life) So I guess I remembered 4 dreams during this night, it's actually the first time that I started this dream journal. I typed this immediately after waking up around 6:47 and the time now is 7:32... and wow when you stop smoking weed after a long time, the dreams are so deep...