Weird games , Ed Sheeran and Orange Hoodies

Date: 2/11/2017

By gemmafry7

In my dream there was this big game which we started playing as a family. Basically you go to this place and you have to stand in this hole whilst something's watching over you and something else is in the hole. To start with it may be a doll watching high with baked beans in the hole. The final one was having to stand whilst a strange homeless man is standing naked in with you rubbing himself against you. Part way through we saw my boss (Tracy) and I asked her if my brother could have a job. She wasn't sure yet. It turns to where we're still at this place however with friends. We get to the top of the site and for some reason we had to escape. We had to get out the top through home built fences with just a sharp wire at the top and bottom but the wire wouldn't disappear until you shot an arrow. I shot myself twice and someone else once. We were trying to get out when I think we got caught and people started chasing us. Ed sheeran (apparently my boyfriend) was meant to be meeting me whilst I said to him that I playing the weird game again. He rang me and started singing kiss me down the phone.I just ran past him sitting on patio chairs with his guitar, screaming the fbi's after us. Romantic. Then I'm carried to almost another dream where I'm wearing a fluorescent orange hoodie and am out with a couple friends. Our boss is also in this area having a date. We pass them a few times. A hot guy keeps on coming us to us having a discussion however at one point Tracy says you can't go to the toilet downstairs for 5 minutes so this hot guy carries on talking to another woman (a cancer patient ) instead of us. I still need the loo so we have to run upstairs but this is though traffic and it's hard tiny to not be seen in a fluorescent orange jumper l. In the end we end up in my friends room. She's converted her cupboard into a bedroom and in her notebook she's written how she likes m