(Toxic) Food Fight 💉

Date: 3/12/2019

By bunbun12

In this world, some foods could get a virus. This virus would make the food animate, it would produce noises and move and in extreme cases jump on people and attack them. The virus mostly attacked people but could attack animals as well. If the virus got into a person, it would react similar to an extreme form of rabies. The person would lose all ability to create and understand speech, and their mind would degrade so far that they'd only know basics survival; "I need food, water, and I kill anything that comes near me or gets in my way". Some people would even leave their homes and live in caves or in wooded areas, because of this survival mindset. My sister and me were trying to survive this apocalypse, very early on. This, of course meant a lot of frozen foods, some vegetarian or vegan foods (which didn't matter, the virus could take over vegetarian foods as well) and eating a lot of pizza pops and toaster strudel. We even made brownies, they were really good. I went in and out of this dream but it mostly just showcased the foods we could eat and how we stayed alive. Now and then I'd get mad at my sister for throwing away a freezer burned meal, because at least the food was safe. I stayed inside all day, and my sister did the errands (especially groceries).